im Rahmen des Projektes Schriftspracherwerb gehörloser Menschen zur Förderung inklusiver Teilhabe am Arbeitsmarkt

What does „delegs“ stand for?

„delegs“ is a German acronym which stands for „learn German assisted by SignWriting“. „“ started as the German portal for deaf people who want to improve their German reading and writing skills based on their German sign language skills.
Nowadays supports several sign languages such as American Sign Language (ASL), Deutsche Gebärdensprache (DGS), Lenguas de Signos Española (LSE), Língua Brasileira de Sinais (Libras), and corresponding spoken languages such as English, German, Spanish, Portuguese. And more to come. provides tools to create and exchange educational material based on SignWriting.


SignWriting is an easy-to-read notation of those detailed body movements that are used in sign language. In German sign language „hello“ is written like this:





„hello“ – swaying the open hand several times.

Our software project

The central tool we are developing is the web based delegs editor which you can try out below. Type in a couple of words and see what happens.




Start the delegs editor by clicking on the image! A brief tutorial movie can be found within the editor by clicking on the questionmark in the top right corner of the editor.

List of features

  • Real-time translation of typed words into SignWriting
  • Easy selection of alternate sign translations of typed words
  • Storing and loading of SignWriting documents in a shared public area
  • Collaboration support by a sophisticated yet simple room concept
  • PDF export and printing of SignWriting documents
  • Creating and modifying signs on-the-fly within the editor
  • Support of English, German, Spanish, Portuguese
  • Support of ASL, DGS, Libras and many more


The team

The team is located in northern Germany (Hamburg and Osnabrück) and consists of members of IT company Workplace Solutions GmbH and University of Hamburg.

Please see „Kontakt“ page for contact information.
We are looking forward to your comments, questions, and suggestions!